Metro Engineering Directorate


The Metro Engineering Directorate was established in January, 2013 for the purpose of executing the FIDIC engineering and technical control tasks of the construction works of the M4 metro journey section between the Kelenföld Railway Station and the Eastern Railway Station and the associated surface facilities.

The personnel of the Directorate is composed of technical supervisors with Chamber entitlements and recognized professional experience, whose expertise primarily extends to all professional areas associated with metro investments, such as building constructions, traffic facilities, electrical, engineering and light current systems and their work is supported by internally employed legal -, contract -, price and financial experts as well as technical assistants.

After the successful delivery of the M4 line, the Directorate was awarded the (Nívo) Prize for Excellence in Construction. Along with the warranty matters relating to the M4 metro line, the Directorate also participated as a technical expert authority in the preparation of the reconstruction works on the M3 metro line and during the period of the construction works and in the guarantee period, it is the Directorate that provides for the execution of tasks relating to technical control and other engineering works.