Traffic engineering


The Traffic Engineering Directorate provides for the traffic engineering management, the operation and the registration of the public road network in the capital city. During our activity we determine the organizational arrangement of public road traffic, thus providing assistance to road users travelling by motor vehicles to safely reach their destination as soon as possible.


Our Directorate ensures the operation of control equipment and facilities (130 000 traffic signs, pavement signs of 447 000 square metres, 1060 traffic lights-controlled junctions). We operate and continuously update the traffic control centre of public roads and on-road traffic signal devices, on which we make the necessary traffic light program modifications and the coordination of traffic lights on routes.


We develop and operate the devices of the Intelligent Traffic System of the capital city public roads in compliance with the “clever city” concept of Budapest. Our Directorate applies modern geospatial devices in order to keep a record of the updated and ever-increasing range of public road registration data and that of any changes in the condition of public roads.