This Privacy Notice concerns the processing of personal data in relation with the “Közút Figyelő” online application of the Budapest Közút Zrt. (hereinafter referred to as “Budapest Közút”).

Throughout its activities, Budapest Közút carries out its data processings in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”), the Act CXII of 2011 on the right to informational self-determination and on the freedom of information (hereinafter referred to as “Privacy Act”), and with other laws and authority recommendations concerning data protection.

If you act as an official representative of a legal entity, Budapest Közút processes and protects your personal data as defined in this Privacy Notice.


1. Name and Contact Details of the Controller


Controller:                                   Budapest Közút Zrt.

Seat:                                             1115 Budapest, Bánk bán utca 8-12..

Postal address:                           1518 Budapest, Pf.: 86


Telephone:                                  +36-3-255-255

Fax:                                               +36-1-235-1040

Data Protection Officer:            Balazs Revesz +36302565986


2. Online Registration for the Purpose of Accessing Data


Budapest Közút provides you the opportunity to request personalized information concerning the availability of parking lots. In order to access this service, registration is necessary. In this respect, we process your personal data as follows.


2.1. Categories of Personal Data and the Purpose of Processing


Categories of Personal Data Purpose of Processing
e-mail address (username) registration and identification
password (the first is automatically generated and then the users may their own password) registration and identification


2.2. Legal Basis of Processing

Consent of the data subject (Article 6 (1)(a) of the GDPR).


2.3. Storage Period

Withdrawal of consent or compliance with the data subject’s request for erasure of personal data.


3. Access to Personal Data and Data Security


3.1. Access to and Transfer of Personal Data

Personal data may be accessed by dedicated employees of Budapest Közút to the extent that is necessary for the performance of their tasks.

Apart from the previous, Budapest Közút provides personal data to other governmental or municipal authorities only for purposes and by means prescribed by law. For example

– in case the police/prosecutor requests documents containing personal information necessary for conducting an investigation from Budapest Közut.

3.2. Data Security Measures

Budapest Közút stores personal data on its own servers located in the DC10 data center of Invitech Zrt. (1108 Budapest, Kozma utca 2.). Budapest Közút implements adequate IT, technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of personal data against – among others – unauthorized access or alteration. For example, Budapest Közút logs all access to the data stored in its IT systems, therefore, the person, the time and the information concerned may be monitored.


4. Rights of the Data Subject


4.1. Right to Access

The data subject may request access to his/her personal data. In this respect, via the contact details listed in Chapter 1, he/she may request information from Budapest Közút concerning

– categories of personal data,

– the legal basis of data processing,

– the purpose of data processing,

– the source of personal data,

– storage period,

– by/to whom, on what legal basis, and when personal data had been accessed/transferred by Budapest Közút. Budapest Közút provides these information to the data subject within one month in written format.

4.2. Right to rectification

Via the contact details listed in Chapter 1, the data subject may request the rectification of his/her personal data from Budapest Közút (e.g. the data subject may modify fis/her e-mail address). Budapest Közút complies with the request of the data subject within one month, and provides information concerning the measures undertaken in a written format.

4.3. Right to Erasure

Via the contact details listed in Chapter 1, the data subject may request the erasure of his/her personal data from Budapest Közút.

In case Budapest Közút is under the legal obligation to store personal data, the request of erasure shall be rejected.

4.4. Right to Restriction of Processing

Via the contact details listed in Chapter 1, the data subject may request the restriction of processing of his/her personal data from Budapest Közút (with the labelling and the isolated storage of such information). Restriction of processing extends to a time period made necessary for the purpose of the request of the data subject.

Restriction may be requested in case of unlawful processing by Budapest Közút, when retention of personal data is necessary for the completion of the authority or judicial procedure initiated by the data subject. In this case, Budapest Közút processes personal data until the request for information from the authority or court is received, after which personal data is deleted.

4.5. Right to Object

Via the contact details listed in Chapter 1, the data subject may object to the processing of his/her personal data. For example, the data subject may object to the processing of personal data for scientific purposes by Budapest Közút.


5. Remedies concerning Data Processing

Data subject may lodge a complaint concerning the violation of his/her right to the protection of personal data with the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (postal address: 1363 Budapest, Pf.: 9., telephone: +36 (30) 683-5969, e-mail: ).

Furthermore, the data subject may initiate civil court proceedings against Budapest Közút. The trial falls within the competence of regional courts. The trial may be commenced – in accordance with the decision of the data subject – in front of the regional court where the data subject resides (for the list and contact details of regional courts see: